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ViteConf 2022


The conference will last for 24hs starting at October 11, 7am PST

This is the timeline for the first 12 hours, after which all talks will be streamed again

No matter when you start watching, you can see all the content!

Displayed times are estimates in your time zone, exact times may change in the future

Instant Development Workflows

Hosting and the Edge

1:26 PM PDT

3 min

1:29 PM PDT

6 min

1:35 PM PDT

6 min


1:41 PM PDT

3 min

1:44 PM PDT

5 min

Custom Frameworks with Vite

Pre-Conference Talks

Post-Conference Talks

20 min

Tiny and secure native apps using Vite + Tauri

Jonas Kruckenberg

20 min

Rakkas: Vite-powered React framework

Fatih Aygün

20 min

Effective SSR with Fastify DX

Jonas Galvez

20 min

Speed up your CI & Save the Environment

Juri Strumpflohner

20 min

Histoire Deep Dive

Guillaume Chau

20 min

Imba: when paradigms shift

Abdellah Alaoui Solaimani

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