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The conference will last for 24hs starting at October 11, 7am PST

This is the timeline for the first 12 hours, after which all talks will be streamed again

No matter when you start watching, you can see all the content!

Displayed times are estimates in your time zone, exact times may change in the future

7:00 AM PDT

18 min

Welcome to ViteConf

Vite Core

7:18 AM PDT

25 min

Keynote: How Vite Came to Be

Evan You

5 min

7:48 AM PDT

17 min

The Vite Ecosystem

Matias Capeletto

8:05 AM PDT

10 min

Vite, on-demand DX

Anthony Fu

8:15 AM PDT

19 min

The hashing dilemma, Rollup 3, and our future with Vite

Lukas Taegert-Atkinson

Documentation & Education

3 min

8:37 AM PDT

30 min

Deep Dive into VitePress

Kia King Ishii

9:07 AM PDT

13 min

Vite for Education: Using Vite in Vite to teach Vite and beyond

Dan Jutan

Instant Development Workflows

9:20 AM PDT

29 min

StackBlitz Keynote

Sylwia VargasTomek SułkowskiEric Simons

Design Systems & Monorepos

3 min

9:52 AM PDT

21 min

Developing, Documenting, and Testing your Vite app with Storybook

Ian VanSchooten

10:13 AM PDT

6 min

Introduction to Histoire

Hugo Attal

10:19 AM PDT

6 min

Introducing Ladle

Vojtech Miksu

10:25 AM PDT

6 min

High Speed Monorepos with high-quality DX

Juri Strumpflohner

10:31 AM PDT

22 min

What makes pnpm performant

Zoltan Kochan


3 min

10:56 AM PDT

21 min


Rich Harris

11:17 AM PDT

26 min

How Vite Makes Nuxt Possible

Daniel Roe

11:43 AM PDT

18 min

Vite, Meta-Frameworks, and Angular

Brandon Roberts

12:01 PM PDT

18 min

Islands Architecture, Astro, and You

Nate Moore

12:19 PM PDT

6 min

Rakkas: React apps with no API layer

Fatih Aygün

Desktop Apps

12:25 PM PDT

6 min

Tauri: Building better apps for a better future

Jonas Kruckenberg

Frameworks Live Panel

Hosting and the Edge

3 min

1:20 PM PDT

5 min

Vite SSR at Netlify Edge

Matt Kane

1:25 PM PDT

3 min

Vite and Vercel

Lee Robinson

1:28 PM PDT

6 min

Vite + AWS Amplify

josef Aidt

1:34 PM PDT

6 min

Vite + Firebase

David East


1:40 PM PDT

6 min

Bun + Vite

Jarred Sumner

1:46 PM PDT

6 min

Deno + Vite

Bartek Iwańczuk

Custom Frameworks with Vite

3 min

1:55 PM PDT

6 min

Vike, Build Your Own Framework

Rom Brillout

2:01 PM PDT

6 min

Rethinking the Full Stack Framework

Jonas Galvez


3 min

2:10 PM PDT

12 min

Unlimited power with Laravel and Vite!

Jess Archer

2:22 PM PDT

11 min

Frontend Joy in Ruby on Rails

Máximo Mussini


3 min

2:36 PM PDT

22 min

Cypress Component Testing

Jessica Sachs

2:58 PM PDT

20 min

Component Testing with Playwright

Debbie O'Brien

3:18 PM PDT

20 min

Vitest, testing DX reimagined



3 min

3:41 PM PDT

21 min

SolidJS: Getting Started

Ryan Carniato

4:02 PM PDT

17 min

0kb JS and Back Again: why Vite is the future of the MPA

Dylan Piercey

4:19 PM PDT

20 min

Headless commerce with Shopify/Hydrogen and Vite

Fran Dios

4:39 PM PDT

21 min

Qwik City: Reimagined meta-framework for the edge

Adam Bradley

5:00 PM PDT

7 min

DIY Islands Architecture with Vite

Ben Holmes

Vite Core

4 min

5:11 PM PDT

16 min

Contributing 101

Bjorn Lu

5:27 PM PDT

6 min

Things learned from Vite contributions

Brian Douglas

5:33 PM PDT

21 min

Vue's Road to Vite

Haoqun Jiang

5:54 PM PDT

6 min


Dominik G.

Vite Core Live Panel

14 min

Pre-Conference Talks

20 min

Functional Programming in Vite with Elm

Lindsay Wardell

20 min

Preview.js: How Vite enables previewing any UI component instantly in your IDE

François Wouts

Post-Conference Talks

20 min

Tiny and secure native apps using Vite + Tauri

Jonas Kruckenberg

20 min

Rakkas: Vite-powered React framework

Fatih Aygün

20 min

Effective SSR with Fastify DX

Jonas Galvez

20 min

Speed up your CI & Save the Environment

Juri Strumpflohner

20 min

Histoire Deep Dive

Guillaume Chau

20 min

Imba meets Vite

Abdellah Alaoui Solaimani

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