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    Evan YouVueVite

    Evan is an independent open source developer and the author of Vue.js and Vite.

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    Jessica SachsPathAICypress

    Staff Software Engineer at PathAI. Maintaining fakerjs. Vue team member. Cypress ambassador and alumni.

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    Rich HarrisVercelSvelte

    Working on Svelte at Vercel

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    Daniel RoeOpen SourceNuxt

    Daniel is a core team member of Nuxt - previously a CTO of a SaaS startup. His open-source work has a focus in the Vue.js and Nuxt ecosystems and he's involved in consultancy with companies around the world, particularly around JAMstack, serverless and software architecture. He's based in the North East of England where he lives with his family, three cats, and a dog.

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    Brandon RobertsOpenSaucedAngular

    Brandon is an Open Source Advocate, focused on community engagement, content creation, and collaboration. He enjoys learning new things, helping other developers be successful, speaking at conferences, and contributing to open source. He is a GDE, technical writer, and a maintainer of the NgRx project building libraries for reactive Angular applications.

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    Debbie O'BrienMicrosoftPlaywright

    Debbie is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and has over 10 years experience in Frontend development. She has worked as a Tech Lead and consultant for many important clients with varios technologies and often with a strong focus on performance, static sites and testing. She has lead teams both in house and remotely as well as giving workshops and training. She has many years of experience as a mentor for online learning platforms, Treehouse and OpenClassrooms as well as a mentor for the Google Developer Expert program. Debbie is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Media Developer Expert, an Auth0 Ambassador and Nuxt Ambassador and previous Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies and a GitHub Star.

  • Solid logo

    Ryan CarniatoNetlifySolid

    Principal Engineer OSS at Netlify. Reactivity enthusiast, Web perf whisperer. Creator of Solid, Core Marko Team. Prev eBay, Vidigami, ACTIVE Network

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    Nate MooreThe Astro Technology Company

    Nate Moore is a co-creator and core maintainer of Astro, currently living in Chicago, USA. His passion for making the web more accessible, fun, and performant led him to join The Astro Technology Company, where he works as a senior software engineer. Building open source tools for the next generation of web frameworks has given Nate a unique perspective on the current state of web development and where it’s headed next.

  • StackBlitz logo

    Sylwia VargasStackBlitz

    Developer advocate at Stackblitz. Tech writer and educator advocating for code newbies and social justice. Organizer at ReactJS Robins.

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    Ian VanSchootenDefined NetworkingStorybook

    Although his early background is in aerospace engineering and project management, Ian found his real passion in web development and has been programming professionally for the last 7 years. He's one of two frontend developers at an early-stage startup, a former core team member of ESLint, the creator of eslint-nibble, and a maintainer of the Vite builder for Storybook.

  • Histoire logo

    Guillaume ChauVueHistoire

    Open Source Contributor, Web engineering at Livestorm

  • Ladle logo

    Vojtech MiksuUberLadle

    Building the web infrastructure at Uber. Open-sourcing libraries like Ladle, react-movable, react-range or Base Web. Interested in design systems, testing automation and compilers.

  • Nx logo

    Juri Strumpflohner is the Director of Developer Experience at Nrwl where he helps developers with questions around frontend development, monorepos, scaling and modern tools. Prior to moving into developer relations, he has been consulting for some of the world's biggest companies, helping them scale their development efforts, particularly in the frontend space. Juri is a Google Developers Expert, speaker and Egghead instructor. Reach out to him on Twitter (@juristr) or his website on

  • pnpm logo

    I was a full stack developer at JustAnswer then a front-end DevOps engineer. I started to maintain pnpm in 2016 and it has changed my life. Since 2021 I work at Bit on dependency management. I continue to actively develop pnpm. Sometimes as part of my daily job at Bit, sometimes in my free time.

  • Astro logo

    Fred K. SchottThe Astro Technology Company

    Astro co-creator. CEO of The Astro Company

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    Anthony FuNuxtLabsVite

    A fanatical open sourceror. DX and ecosystem for Vue, Vite and Nuxt.

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    Kia King IshiiGlobal BrainVue

    Hi! I'm Kia, a optimistic web designer/developer. I'm a member of the Vue.js Core Team, and the author of Vuex ORM. My main focus is on developing VitePress, Vuex and its related projects. I am also a member of Vue.js Japan User Group core staff. I'm firmly committed to the whole Vue community and its ecosystem. I'm half Japanese, half American living in Japan at the moment, working at Global Brain as a Director. I speak English and Japanese, and keen to connect with new developers! You can find me at Twitter. If you have any questions or want to have some random chat, I'll be more than happy to talk with you 😳

  • Rakkas logo

    Fatih AygünLityum A.Ş.Rakkas

    I started programming on an 8-bit Atari computer as a childhood hobby and went through Basic, 6502 Assembly, Borland Pascal, x86 Assembly, Delphi at which point my hobby became my profession. I went on to use many other popular programming languages including C, C++, Java, and Python, plus some obscure ones like Eiffel. In my current job I work as a full stack developer using PHP, TypeScript, and React developing a recruitment SaaS called PeopleBox.

  • Svelte logo

    Investor at C3 Ventures and entrepreneur. Founded recruiting tech company Connectifier - acquired by LinkedIn

  • Hydrogen logo

    Bret LittleShopifyHydrogen

    I'm a Staff Software Engineer at Shopify working on the JavaScript framework Hydrogen. I also represent Shopify on the Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group. Previously I worked on commerce at Salesforce, and have been at a variety of smaller start-ups.

  • Qwik logo

    Miško HeveryBuilder.ioQwik

    CTO at, creator of Qwik, Angular, co-creator of Karma

  • DotLabs logo

    Tracy LeeThis Dot Labs

    CEO of This Dot Labs, a modern web consultancy. Keynote Speaker, RxJS Core, GoogleDevExpert, Github ⭐️, MSFT MVP, Investor, Startup Advisor!

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    Matias CapelettoStackBlitzVite

    Matias (patak) is a Vite core team member, and a Vitest and Vue team member. He works at StackBlitz, doing Open Source work full time for the Vite Ecosystem.

  • Netlify logo

    Matt KaneNetlify

    Principal engineer, ecosystem at Netlify. I'm in ur repo with an unsolicited pr. Coder, maker, brewer, baker

  • Vercel logo

    Lee Robinson is the VP of Developer Experience at Vercel, where he helps developers build a faster web and leads the Next.js community. He leads the community for the React framework Next.js and is an open-source contributor. An educator, writer, and speaker, Lee has created courses on React, Next.js, and web development.

  • AWS Amplify logo

    josef AidtAWS Amplify

    Open source at AWS Amplify

  • Firebase logo

    David EastGoogleFirebase

    David was born in a country that no longer exists and he is the self proclaimed #1 Vite superfan in the world.

  • Bun logo

    Jarred is building bun. Formerly Stripe (twice), Thiel Fellowship

  • Deno logo

    Engineer at the Deno Land company since its inception. I primarily maintain the Deno runtime but also work on various related projects.

  • StackBlitz logo

    Eric SimonsStackBlitz

    CEO StackBlitz. Making web development fast & secure.

  • Laravel logo

    Jess comes from Brisbane, Australia, and has been a full-stack developer for over 15 years. She's built capture clinical data software for the healthcare industry, helped police refer vulnerable people to get the help they need, and helped start ups rapidly build out prototypes. She's currently working on open-source software at Laravel and has made Vite the default build-tool for the ecosystem.

  • Ruby logo

    Máximo is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience, ranging from mobile development to full-stack web development. He believes open source is a great thing, and has created libraries such as Vite Ruby and JS From Routes. As an active contributor to the Vite ecosystem, he maintains a handful of plugins, and is the author of îles, the joyful site generator.

  • Vitest logo


    Fullstack Developer, Vitest Core Team member

  • Marko logo

    Dylan PierceyeBayMarko

    Platform Engineer at eBay and core team member of Marko.

  • Hydrogen logo

    Fran DiosShopifyHydrogen

    I've been a tech enthusiast for as long as I can remember. After graduation, I moved to Japan to start my career as an engineer, focusing on front-end development at first. I built UI components for different frameworks such as Vue, React, and Angular. From there, I switched to full-stack development as the CTO of a small Japanese company. I started playing with Vite and Cloudflare Workers in my free time because I though they were amazing technologies. As a result, I published the Vitedge framework as one of the early adopters of Edge Side Rendering, which later took me to my current position developing Hydrogen at Shopify.

  • Qwik logo

    Adam BradleyBuilder.ioQwik

    Adam is the Director of Technology at, focused on pushing the web forward with innovative technologies such as Qwik and Partytown. Adam leads teams in developing high-performing user interfaces with the latest technologies. Adam’s past roles include being the Director of Technology at Ionic, where he co-created the Ionic Framework and helped to develop CapacitorJS. Additionally, Adam created StencilJS, which is a toolchain for building reusable, scalable Design Systems. He is an open-source and web-standard enthusiast.

  • Astro logo

    Ben HolmesThe Astro Technology Company

    I'm an open sorcerer, whiteboardist, and web developer at 🚀 I split my time between twitter videos, freelance blogging, and core maintainership, so you'll probably see my face pop up somewhere!

  • Vike logo

    Rom BrilloutSelf employedVike

    Software Engineer, passionate about Open Source, author of Stem, Telefunc, vite-plugin-ssr, react-streaming and more.

  • fastify logo

    Jonas GalvezNodeSourcefastify

    I'm a former Pythonista turned into JavaScript open sourcerer. A full stack developer for over a decade, writer, speaker. I was a core contributor to Nuxt.js and now am heading the full stack frameworks efforts of the Fastify project.

  • Open Sauced logo

    Brian DouglasOpen Sauced

    Brian has a passion for open source and loves mentoring new contributors through Open Sauced, a platform for finding your next open source contribution. In the past he's lead Developer Experience at Netlify and Developer Relations at GitHub.

  • StackBlitz logo

    StackBlitz Founding Engineer & DevRel.

  • Tauri logo

    Jonas KruckenbergMintter IncTauri

    Starting out as a self taught web developer, I realised that I just love fast software; Be it websites or apps. This passion sent me on a long journey from the first public Vite release through Local First Software, peer-to-peer (p2p) networking, and Rust to finally work on Tauri, a framework and community that I quickly fell in love with.

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    Bjorn LuOpen SourceVite

    I'm a Svelte and Vite team member. Loves build tools, open source, and building things from scratch - a recipe for abandoned side projects. 3 years in web development and counting!

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    Haoqun JiangVue Technology LLC

    Vue.js/Vite.js Core Team Member; Vue CLI & create-vue maintainer.

  • Rollup logo

    Lukas Taegert-AtkinsonTNG Technology ConsultingRollup

    I actually have a PhD in Mathematics where I involved myself with partial differential equations around black holes and no, there was not even a computer simulation involved. After that, I really needed more fun in my life, which brought me to software development as a much more gratifying experience and IT consulting specifically, which I started in 2015. My first gig taught me JavaScript and React and it was not long until I started questioning the tools I was using. For some weird reason, tree-shaking was something that caught me in early 2017, which got me to write eslint-plugin-treeshaking to help developers figure out the reasons why certain code could not be tree-shaken. At that point with the experiences from writing the plugin, I stumbled upon some short-comings in Rollup that I decided to address with some PRs, and roughly after the third, Rich gave me write access to the Rollup repository and then left me to my own devices. Which, as I found out, meant that I had just become the maintainer, and I still am to this date. In my other consulting live, I am writing now much more Vue these days, having recently migrated a large code-base from Nuxt 2 to a custom Vue 3 + Vite SSG setup, an experience worthy of its own talk some day...

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    Dominik G.FreelancerVite

    Svelte Team. Maintainer of vite-plugin-svelte, vite-ecosystem-ci

  • Vite logo

    Currently mainly frontend developer who loves Material Design and Vue. Also a passionate TypeScript enthusiast. Maintainer of fakerjs

  • DotLabs logo

    Jesse TomchakThis Dot Labs

    Firm believer that technology is awesome, and we can do better. Podcasts make the world a happier place

  • Elm logo

    Lindsay WardellNoRedInkElm

    I am a programmer, writer, and mother. I work as a Software Engineer at NoRedInk, and have participated on a number of podcasts including Modern Web and Views on Vue. I enjoy working on reactive applications using Vue and Elm, and getting to work with functional programming.

  • Solid logo

    Dan JutanThe Astro Technology CompanySolid

    Dan Jutan is a product manager, frontend engineer, and technical writer with a passion for educational technology. He's on the core team of Astro, where he focuses on product, and SolidJS, where he leads docs and content.

  • PreviewJS logo

    François WoutsZenc LabsPreviewJS

    I'm passionate about developer tooling, rethinking how we write code, and making improvements to developer processes. I like to call myself a "developer happiness engineer". I worked at Google for a few years, and I quit to be able to work on my own projects. I've been working part-time on projects revolving around developer tooling since then. I left my job in early 2021 to focus on building Preview.js. I also have a pet project writing a book about the similarities between concepts of various programming languages leading the design of a universal, non-textual representation of code.

  • Imba logo

    I'm a software engineer from Morocco and I work in Scrimba. I created the vite plugin for imba as well as which is an amazing open source tool that converts tsx (including react components and tailwind classes) to imba.

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    Hugo AttalLunaParkHQHistoire

    Software engineer and entrepreneur building cool stuff for the web. Founder of @LunaParkHQ and a bunch of other over-engineered projects.

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